Project Details:

These projects were commissioned with the aim of re-opening the upper reaches of the rivers to migratory fish. The creation of man-made weirs, stone channels and other unnatural obstructions has rendered the rivers virtually impassable for fish travelling upstream. These projects removed and altered these features across many locations throughout the Ribble Rivers area.

Below is an image showing the improvements made in one area of the River Calder running through Burnley. The channel before the works has a fast flow, this channel was widened so the rate of flow is slower and wider, creating a much better stream for the fish to swim up, being slower and wider. The rest of the channel was cleared as part of the works, creating a neater and tidier watercourse through the centre of Burnley.

Below this is a photograph of another finished scheme, designed to create a better watercourse for the upper reaches of the river network.