Project Details:

Project Zeta is a scheme at an existing 250,000 sq.ft. production building near Preston to expand the property along two sides. The enabling works are Phase 1 of the proposed extension works and incorporate works from the extension and alteration of the existing concrete yard and turning head, bulk earthmoving and environmental protection works.

The main area of the works is the construction of a new 700m² square metre HGV turning head, required due to the expansion of the building requiring the areas of the site on which the existing turning head was located. This also required existing electrical installations to be re-routed around the new turning head along with the installation of new lighting columns to illuminate the new area. Other services such as existing surface water and foul water drainage runs required diverting from beneath the footprint of the new turning head.

Also part of the Phase 1 Enabling work is the bulk earthmoving which incorporated the excavation, removal and regrading of 6,000 cubic metres of earth to facilitate for the new turning head and the proposed building extension.

Environmental protection was a major factor in the works. One of the first requirements from the client was ensure the protection of all of the trees on site within the vicinity of works and throughout the entire duration of the project. There is also a high risk of Great Crested Newts in the vicinity, so due to their highly protected status steps were taken to ensure the protection of the local newt populations along with special anti-reptile fencing, designed and installed to remove the possibility of newts re-entering the works area, this was checked on a regular basis to ensure no damage had come to the barrier and make sure it was as effective as possible. This site is also less than a kilometre from the wetland nature reserve at Brock holes, which has become home to a wide variety of wildlife including otters and rare birds. Additional measures were implemented to minimise the chances of and of the wildlife from making it from the reserve onto the site.