Project Details:

Works for the repair and refurbishment of the masonry arch footbridge know as Pack Saddle commenced in August 2016. The bridge is a single span segmental arch which carries a narrow footpath with low ridged parapets and metal railings.

Access to the bridge was very restricted off a country road; therefore, our workforce had to carry all tools down to the bridge by hand. Scaffold platforms were needed to access both sides of the bridge in order for us to be able to start any rebuilding and repointing works.

Works also included the removal of sections of existing metal guardrail and replacing with new that had to be carefully designed to match up the existing. Existing guard railing required repairs that consisted of filing down the old black coating and repainting to match up to new railings being installed. Another section of the works included the removal and treatment of overgrown trees and shrub roots from the spandrel and wing walls that had caused damage to areas of the masonry. These areas had to have existing mortar scraped out and then be carefully repointed with a hydraulic lime sand mortar as the bridge is grade 2 listed. Damaged areas were also re-built using existing stone from the bridge.