Project Details:

A fundamental aspect of all Freshwater and Wastewater Treatment facilities is the eventual discharge of clean and uncontaminated water back into the natural environment. This requires measuring to monitor the discharge quantities. As a result, flow meters must be fitted to all outflow pipes to monitor and record this.

Flow meters must always be fitted to a straight section of pipework and usually also require the construction of a chamber to permit future access to the flow meter. To fit the flow meter a shutdown of the site is necessary, this requires very close liaison with United Utilities and each site individually along with ensuring that the operatives on site are equipped with all of the tools along with any fittings and fixtures that may be required to ensure the works are completed within the shutdown and without fault.

The construction of any required chambers must usually be carried out whilst the site remains fully operational. This requires careful excavation to uncover the discharge pipework and then to assemble the new chamber around the live pipe.