Project Details:

Works at Leyland Trucks began in May 2016 where our aim was to create a vehicle inspection pit in the existing floor slab of the production area.

Our works involved: Saw-cutting and breaking out the existing concrete floor, construction of reinforced concrete floor and walls incorporating various recesses for service entry points, fixing of removable cover and frame and the design and installation of lighting scheme.

Whilst working on site a number of problems had to be taken into consideration. The whole of Leyland Trucks was still in use whilst we were constructing the pits, this meant that the areas surrounding our project were still live manufacturing. Therefore, a full height protection tent had to secure our site to reduce the risk of dust entering any other manufacturing areas along with the use of an extractor system to keep the dust down to a minimum.

Site cleanliness together with access and egress to site had to be carefully planned before and as the work proceeded. Operatives had to ensure all PPE remained free from deleterious matter and all vehicles had to be regularly checked to ensure no unwanted material was left on the access routes both outside and inside. All deliveries had to be accompanied by a suitably qualified Banksman.

Quantity Surveyor: Thornber & Walker

Structural Engineer: Graham Schofield Associates