Project Title - River Alt Diversion Works
Client  - The Cass Foundation
Project Value - £915,000

This project was a design and construction project, with the principal aim of diverting the River Alt in Croxteth, Liverpool from its existing route through the site to a new route around the site perimeter to open the site to future development and further regeneration of the area.

The original route of the river was from the east to west across the site, flowing partially in an open channel before heading into a culvert which carried the river beneath the site and the A580, a major route into, and out of, Liverpool.

The main focus of the works was the creation of a new 950 metre long channel through which the river will flow. The excavation for this removed almost 110,000 tonnes of spoil, which was re-used to landscape the site. Almost 30,000 square metres of hydro-seeding was required throughout the newly landscaped areas and river banks to begin to re-establish the area and restore the site.

Now completed; the site forms a kilometre long linear parkland, running alongside the new river channel and Stonebridge Lane and, once fully re-planted, will hopefully provide countless benefits to the area for years to come.

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