Project Title  - Barnacre WTW Abstraction Control
Client - United Utilities

Project Value - £450,000

The Barnacre Reservoir group abstracts water from various intakes including the River Calder, Calder Dyke and Calder Springs and also from Grizedale Brook and the Grizedale Impounding Reservoir. These works have been commissioned to improve the Calder Intake, which supplies approximately 70% of the water to the Barnacre group abstraction capacity.

A series of works were carried out at the Calder Intake, Franklaw WTW and also several minor works at other locations within the Barnacre Reservoir Group.

The main area of the works were undertaken at the Calder Intake which involved the supply and installation of a new actuated penstock and local control panels, along with new bar screens and walkways to protect the intake and penstock from larger debris and improve access around the structure.

Other modifications were made to the intake structure such as repairing some sections of the river walls and repairing and improving the existing weirs beside the intake. The control system at Franklaw WTW was also modified to incorporate the controls for the new penstock at the Calder Intake.

All of these works required the installation of new ducting for the power and control cables to be laid, however other services such as gas pipelines and high voltage cables were also in the area. Where necessary this required the HV cables and the gas pipelines to be rerouted and diverted around the area of the works. As such, close co-operation and liaison with Electricity North West, Geo Networks Limited and National Grid Gas was fundamental to ensure these diversions could be carried out without disrupting the services provided to consumers.

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